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  • Antistatic metal wristband with rope

       1. Made of stainless steel, and the outer layer of the ring is an insulating layer which is anti-friction.

    2. Ring length can be arbitrarily adjusted.

    3. The wristband is convenient and flexible to use, long service life and does not produce dust, can be used for more than 100 class clean environment.

    4. Mainly used for production line stuff and  individuals with  higher static index. This kind of wristband collect and release static by the principle of " point of static"  in the production activities and daily work

    Technical parameters: 

    • Main part: the synthesis of ABS rubber compound;
    • Metal Wrist ring: stainless steel elastic band;
    • Color: metallic color
    • Conductive features: low resistance, long service life
    • Dissipation time: 0.1 seconds
    • Wrist resistance: less than or equal to 10 3.
    • Wristband impedance coefficient: <50 ohm
    • Packing: blister card
    • Electrostatic discharge time: less than 0.1s.