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  • ESD PU Safety Shoes


    •      Complies with  ISO14000 or RoHs 2.0.

    •      PU Microfibre

    •      Surface resistivity: 106Ω~109Ω

    •      Volume resistivity: 0.75 to 100 Mega Ohms

    •      PU Insole: light, non-marking, antibacterial, deodorant,

    •      Easy to wash and dry

    •      PU particle sole material imported from Japan.: extreme durability

    •      Custom style, color and size available (follow OEM)

    •      Wear-resistivity, non-slip;

    •      Durable, guarantees one year without glue opening, without Breaking

    •      non-slip, wear-resistant materials

    •      Profitable (2 to 3 times long of product's life than in  PVC)

    •      Size : 34 - 46

    ESD Safety Shoes Features:

    • Durability, high quality leather as raw material, delicate texture and elastic, much more wear resistance.
    • Comfortable, high quality fabrics, comfortable design, fabric structure has strong permeability and perspiration, which can protects the feet safe and make sure it is comfortable to wear.
    • Prevents accumulation of static electricity.