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  • Anti-static ESD Wrist Straps With PU Rope


    1.    Fabric: elastic band with Stainless steel fiber mixed

    2.    Back plate: Stainless steel

    3.    Contact: 360 degrees around wrist

    4.    Adjustment: simply adjust, adjustable to fit any wrist size

    5.    Snap size: 10mm

    6.    Resistance: 100~200 ohm

    7.    Outer surface:  insulative

    8.    Color: light blue, red, brown

    Coil cord

    1.    1 MΩ safety resistor in the snap

    2.    Excellent strain relief connection

    3.    PU cord and 7-stand tinsel wire

    4.    Cord outer diameter:2.1mm

    5.    Snap release: 5pounds

    6.    Color: light blue,red, brown