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  • Antistatic ESD Cap

    1. Made of PFY and permanent conductive fibers by using a special weaving process.
    2. Anti-static shawl cap is made by special technology, has good anti-static and dustproof performance, can effectively release static electricity of the human body. The density of this silk is greater than the density of traditional silk; it has no hair, no ball and fiber shedding, no dust, good air tightness, sterilization and antibacterial.
    4. With dual performance: permanent anti-static, good dustproof effect, in line with international standards, can be used for 10,000~300,000 clean room.

    Product parameters:

    Dustproof: 92%-95%
    Surface resistance: 106-107Ω
    Charge integral density: 1.2 uc / m
    Friction pressure value: <300V
    Fabric: Polyester + 5mm striped imported conductive wire.
    Color: white, blue and pink for regular colors