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  • Anti-static ESD Silicon Wrist Straps

    True comfort and long lastingThe most comfortable esd wrist strap.

    True comfort and long lasting100% silicon rubber

    contain 1 meg safety resistorContains 1 meg Safety resistor.

    Easy to keep cleanEasy to keep clean and hypoallergenic.

    clean room compliant esd wrist strapClean room compliant.

    includes ground cord at NO ChargeIncludes a blue ground cord 

    includes ground cord at NO Chargeoutstanding longevity and static control protection.

    brightly colored esd wrist strapBright colors, clean crisp appearance.

    resistant to oil, grease and most common chemicalsHighly resistant to oil, grease and common chemicals.

    Compliant to ANSI ESD S20.20-2007Fully compliant to the latest ESD /ANSI / JEDEC / MIL standards.