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  • ESD Plastic Backrest Chair

    ESD chair is the essencial supply of electrostatic sensitive operations.Be equipped with ESD cushion, backrest cooperated with metal fittings, ESD chair  can release the static to the ground efficiently and  effectively. Dustless chair contains no oxide. In order to make sure reaching the standard of dustless room, we proceed strict dust and particle contamination test in the lab .

    Technical specifications

    • hair Seat/Stool Seat: Antistatic PP seat,injection molding. Permanent anti-static, no dust, the normal height of 45CM, can be customized according to the location of the work station height
    • Chairfoot:Diameter 19 varnish stoving /22 varnish stoving
    • Resistance:Surface resistance,103-106Ω
    • Chairfoot reinforcement
    • "Workers" glyph reinforcement
    • "Mouth" glyph reinforcement
    • Integral reinforcement (both backrest and chairfoot)
    • Plug:ESD plug