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  • ESD Non-slip Pet Gromming Table Mats (Green, blue, black, gray)

    Product features:

    The product has a foam structure inside, which has abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high elasticity, high strength, anti-aging, radiation protection, shock resistance, non-slip, non-shrinking and other functions.

    • Comfortable Cushion – Designed to be placed atop your pet grooming table to provide a comfortable, cushioned surface for pets to stand on during long grooming sessions
    • Reduces Fatigue – Helps encourage dogs to sit still and stand for longer thanks to the fatigue-reducing foam and PVC design that adds comfort to any surface
    • Easy to Maintain – groomer’s mat can be quickly sanitized or wiped down after accidents using warm water or cleaning solution and a towel
    • A non-slip anti-static product designed for pet grooming tables and pet operating tables.

    Specification: 1.35m (width) × 30m (length) × 1.5mm (thickness)

    Product strengths