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  • ESD Kit of Ankle Strap and Heel Grounder

    This product is mainly used in mobile occasions. The anti-static ankle strap has the same function as the wrist strap. It is more economical than anti-static shoes. The limit range of the wire that the ankle strap is not connected to is suitable for the most mobile workers. Good choice. The principle is that a human body sock is embedded with a conductive webbing, and then connected to the ground through a conductive rubber foot ring. While ensuring that the ground foot ring is in contact with the ground, the conductive webbing must be in contact with the skin.

    Material: synthetic rubber
    Color: blue / black,
    Surface resistance: black layer 103-105Ω blue layer 106-109Ω
    Conductive tape: resistance to ground 105Ω
    Length: 400-450mm
    Thickness: 2.0 ± 0.1mm
    Color: Blue + Black