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  • Disposable Face Masks - Non-Woven Dust Mask with Earloop for Personal Care -

    3-ply Elastic Ear Loop Filter Mask

    Disposable single-use soft face mask designed to ensure a secure fit with an adjustable plastic clip. Great protection against odor and dust, 3-layer design with an inner layer that is soft and absorbs the mist you breathe out.

    3 LAYER PROTECTION: made of standard polypropylene material. The soft inner lining catches large particles and absorbs mist when exhaled. A middle layer of melt-blown fabric lays, and soft non-woven fabric inside for comfort. Protect your vital assets, your Respiratory System.

    COMFORT FIT: unisex one-size fits all Dimensions. Elastic ear loops stretch to gently rest behind the ear,providing a secure hold while the flexible built-in plastic nose band adjusts to conform to the face, providing needed safety barrier.

    FULL COVERAGE:  coverage from the bridge of the nose to the jaw.

    PERSONAL AND PORTABLE:  made of eco-friendly disposable material and intended for single use only. Fits conveniently in your pocket, purse,backpack or diaper bag and can be used indoors or out.

    PACKAGING: (50) Disposable Single-Use Face Masks in sealed bag