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  • KN95 4 Layers Respirator Face Mask

    This KN95 protective mask effectively filters non-oily particles to serve as barrier to potential air pollutants that can be harmful.

    The face mask’s filtration efficiency of 4 layers will help block out PM2.5 air pollutants like allergens, virus, bacteria, dust, droplets and other harmful non-oil based particles in the air, at least up to 95% a 0.3 micron.

    It also features an adjustable nose wire to provide proper and comfortable fit to the face contour.

    Consists four Layers of:

    • 1. Non-Woven
    • 2. Hot Air Filter Cotton
    • 3. Meltblown Cloth
    • 4. Non-Woven
    KN95 masks are rated equivalently effective to perform like FFP2 on its filtration performance.